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Cheer on the girls!

CK : May 23, 2015 12:32 am : CFR Community, News/Updates

we will be heading over after the wod but they start early so get over there whenever you can. Good luck ladies!

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Tacos reminder!

CK : May 2, 2015 7:03 am : CFR Community, News/Updates

  Come hang with these dudes. And eat this yum yum. 


good morning crossfitters. Just a reminder we have Tacos n Tequila 2 today. First heat starting at 1015a. 

There are NO regularly scheduled classes (no 7,8,9 class), and we moved Krav Maga to 9-10am today so sleep in and get to the gym around 10 or so. 

Shirts are in and they look pretty sweet! 

Jen said bring a lawn chair or something to sit on outside while enjoying the fun! 

Can’t wait! See yall soon. 

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What the heck is Piyo?!? Tacos and tequila part II 

CK : April 29, 2015 2:45 pm : CFR Community, News/Updates


Axel wanted to challenge me to a push-up contest… I edged him out on that. Then we moved on some wild west shoutout version of paper scissors rock. It was a draw. We finished with a balancing contest. He got me on that one. Thank god I do Crossfit, I’m ready for anything! Bring it on! Lol

Check out 615a class puting in extra work, chest supported rows after wod. They say sign of a thriving gym community is how long people stick around after class. Well I guess we are doing something right cause I can’t get these fools to leave!! Hahah. Just kidding love you guys, you can stay all day. But seriously what is brian doing down there???!

come find out what this Piyo class is all about and see if you like it. Jen B is moving her Sunday session to Thursday For a trial so some of you guys that can’t make a Sunday can still come see what she is working with. (Sunday still gonna be on)Supposed to be a good supplement to our Crossfit. Focus on mobility and strength and stability.  The time for the class is 1030am this Thursday (tomorrow).  

Taco time!! This Saturday we hit it up for round two. The action starts around 10 with the first heat kicking off at 1015a. The taco truck arrives at 11 and should be around until about 2pm or so. 

There will be no morning workouts, so come at 10 to get warmed up and hit the TNT partner wod. There is spots available still to workout at 1145 and on. The first 3 heats are filled up. Also if you need a partner, there is a list on board of solo peeps that wanna wod, so reach out and pair up with someone. 


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