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15.3 wrap up and 15.4 FNL

CK : March 19, 2015 12:52 pm : CFR Community, News/Updates

Thanks to Sommer (former CrossFit Chicago member) for scoring tickets, the CFR boys gotta check out 15.3 announcement live in person. Check out seth with WWE superstar Seth Rollins.


whats it’s gonna be??? Who cares! You know it’s gonna be fun regardless. More importantly, who’s bringing that bacon YUMYUM!!? This is my favorite FNL by far. Someone better come through with the cream cheesejalepeno poppers wrapped in bacon! They will get my vote! Submit your recipe to Jen, so she can type up some ballots.



I wanted to take this week and acknowledge the youngsters of CFR! These girls have continued to impress me every week. And the bond they are forming is so cool to watch. Props to amanda K. For getting her first pullup the other day! Can’t wait to see amanda, syd, and Rowan in a years progress. Yall already know about Steve O. Hard to believe he is barely 18 and he’s crushing grown men on the wods.

Last but certainly not least, show up at FNL if you want one of these badbiya to commentate the 2015 open and another solid year of training under #controlledchaos #injonnywetrust.

And my man Bill is from Vitargo is coming! You know that one supplement I love is Vitargo. #carbup

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15.2 in the books and friends and family day this Saturday

CK : March 10, 2015 3:44 pm : CFR Community, News/Updates

quick reminder that you can bring friend or family, all ages, this satirday at 9a for the wod to check it out! Sign up in on the whiteboard!

All scores are in and validated after week two we had the CFR leaderboard shakeup a bit. Can’t wait to see what Thursday brings.

Wanted to acknowledge a couple people.

Dolores- we all know Dolores is a stud as she made it to the extra round last year with freddy for the masters class. This year she got an additional 59 reps (from 135 to 194) on the wod! I can’t wait to see how she does this year In the extra workouts!

Kristen S – first time doing a real pullup in 15.2. Didn’t think she could even do one, and boom: she rips out 20 in the wod! That’s why I love the open! Proceeds to knock out a bunch of double UNDERS the next day. This PR thing is contagious! Oh yeah, and did I mention, she wasn’t gonna do the open. She was a total last minute entry. Glad she did it and got out of her comfort zone!!

Brian – I think those pounds he lost during the last challenge helped his pullup game. First time doing C2b during the wod and that mobility has been consistently improving since day one. 95lb overhead squats no problem.


Mo- I wanted to give no props because she always doubting what she is capable of and she was questioning if she could even do 15.2. Her pullups got stronger each round and that 45lb OHS was pretty darn easy! Way to step up and crush it girl.

V and twan- chest to bars for these girls! Katwan had been close but couldn’t quite get it and then kept working at it, during redo on Sunday she got 9 reps! V with the baby still able to knock out 14 pullups.



Last but not least, really proud of OG Kim Nieto. Huge jump from last year and currently sitting at 32nd in region in masters women  She paced the wod perfectly and really gutted it out to get to the next round. Didn’t let a little tear stop her from her workout either

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CK : March 3, 2015 10:16 pm : CFR Community, News/Updates

Couple quick things. Dale from UR supplement company is going to be at Friday night lights so come on out and sample some of his stuff.

Crossfit of napeeville is having their annual event downtown. Details:

ORDER SHIRTS HERE! http://guestli.st/314526

Cost: The event is FREE. Shirt are $25

WHEN: Saturday March 14, 2015

Time: 10:30 AM meet up.
At lululemon athletica
21 W Jefferson Ave, Naperville, IL 60540

Workout to start at 11:15AM.

After Party: 12:30
At Front Street Cantina
15 W Jefferson Ave, Naperville, IL 60540


Whether you are an avid CrossFitter or haven’t been doing anything physical…we will try and make sure that you are challenged to your fitness level. The workout will be scalable to ANY fitness level and monitored by CrossFit of Naperville trainers.

Don’t forget mike is comin this Sunday!! Time is 1230
Not 1200.

Gattone coaching session. All skill levels are invited.
Already half full, get signed up on Zen to reserve your spot.


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