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Force wrestling camp

CK : June 18, 2015 2:49 pm : CFR Community, News/Updates

our neighbors behind us, my friend Joe Arquilla is puting on a wrestling camp next week. Call me or email him with questions!! 

Force wrestling club located at 24137 W. 111th Street in Naperville will be hosting a beginners wrestling camp. The camp will run June 22nd through June 26th for new wrestlers as well as those wrestlers with less than 2 years experience. This year Ryan Prater, a former National Champion for Elmhurst College and a current assistant coach for Elmhurst College will be assisting with the camp. Ryan will also be coaching with the Force this upcoming preseason.

More information can be found at:
Force Wrestling, Plainfield IL

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Man Up WOD next Sunday night the 28th 

CK : June 16, 2015 9:45 pm : CFR Community, News/Updates

hey yall I sent an email out earlier this week but figured I would post here as well since this is open to not just men at our gym, but men throughout the whole Crossfit community. See below and message me if you are interested so we can make sure we have enough seats. Also if the 28th doesn’t work but you are interested in checking it out, we have already set the next 2 dates. July 12 and July 26 so mark your calendar. 
On June 28th, CFR is opening the doors Sunday evening for a new concept on a WOD. The doors will open at 5pm with an opportunity for men to hear a message from Gods word from CFR’s own, pastor Geoff Mitchell. 

The “Man Up WOD” will kick off with a short message, follow up with an opportunity for discussion and then jump into a warm up and workout. All are welcome and the WOD will be accessible for all. Crossfitters and non crossfitters alike. Bring a friend that is a non crossfitter or bring a friend that crossfits elsewhere. You don’t have to come at 5 to participate in the wod. Come for the fellowship beforehand or just come for the WOD.
We have currently set the first 3 times we will meet, and we will keep you posted for future meeting times. The first 3 days we are kicking this off are June 28th, July 12th, and July 26th. So mark your calendar!! 

What’s it all about? 

 I have been feeling God put it on my heart to open up our gym as a place where guys can connect with God. Not only am I concerned with getting you fit and strong, but I want to provide the opportunity for guys to find out more with regards to how a relationship with Jesus can really change their life as well. It is something that I have found to be more and more important part of my life the older I get, and I can’t imagine my life without it. I realize that church is a scary place for most guys to go. So we want to bring God to you, and knock down any previous ideas that might be holding you back. 

Men, are you interested in spiritual things? Do you want to explore a little deeper into what life’s purpose is? Do you want to be a better husband or dad but don’t really know how? Do you believe in God but feel like there’s no way you are stepping into a church because you might catch on fire??? Maybe you’re interested in what a relationship with God looks like, but don’t really know where to start. Maybe you feel like you have done too much bad stuff. Or maybe you feel like if you go to church, they will just tell you that you can’t have any fun anymore. I have pretty much asked all those questions.

We have the perfect opportunity for you to learn more about this guy Jesus and what he’s all about. Join us Sunday night to listen to a short message from Pastor Geoff Mitchell of Big Life church in Oswego. Geoff is a crossfitter and he regularly attends the 1230 or 4pm class at CFR. His message will be relevant and will add value to your life as a husband, father, and man. If you want stick around and hit a WOD with us after, we will worship through slamming some weights together! 

No judgement. No pressure. No obligation. Just a group of guys hanging out and learning about what faith looks like in the real world for men today. 
I would like to personally invite all the CFR guys to come hang out. My faith plays a huge part in who I am. I am getting baptized next week as a public display of my commitment to follow Jesus and I’m really excited to continue to grow in my faith. Just like putting in work in the gym to get stronger doesn’t happen overnight, my faith has grown a ton and I’m still nowhere near where I want to be. It’s a life long journey. It’s an awesome ride though. I think these Sunday nights could be a cool thing and Im excited to see where God takes it. 


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Front squats today

CK : June 5, 2015 12:02 pm : CFR Community, News/Updates

  I guess if you make it through one of robby Bootcamp you have earned a beverage… Hashtag mommy time. Hashtag thirsty Thursday. 

check out this excerpt from the article by Nick Horton I linked below. Giving you some insight into some of the workouts and extra work I have been throwing up on the board lately.  Try to wrap your brain around not PRing every time we do a heavy single. It’s totally okay. Get under that heavy weight, give it the best effort you have THAT day, and move on. Some days might feel great, some terrible. Don’t get too high or too low on either :)

“A lot of the training options available to people who do Olympic weightlifting and nothing else are not available to you: Russian-like periodization, Texas Method squatting, ultra high frequency training, etc. They will tap into recovery too much when combined with CrossFit. Instead, I believe the more “Bulgarian” (read: intuitive) your approach to weightlifting, the better. You will do what you can, when you can, and that’s it.
Your focus is on getting in as many good quality singles and doubles as you can, at as high a weight as you can, while keeping your technique as pretty as you can. 
Sounds easy enough, right? Well, it isn’t. 
Because of the previous days CrossFit workout, your body will not respond like you want it to most of the time. You will rarely have a “good” workout. You have to accept this. It is impossible for your muscles to fire at maximum the day after you beat the crap out of them doing high reps. It doesn’t matter how hard you push, or how determined you are. It isn’t going to happen. 
Be cool with that. 
The key to being a good weightlifter is motor learning. Your body’s nervous system must be taught a series of highly specific motor patterns via rep after rep of a movement done in exactly the same way every time. And, every time you add weight to the bar, the movement changes just a bit, meaning you have to RELEARN it all over again! This process is frustrating. 
Again, you have to be cool with that.
Read the whole article here:


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