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CK : September 29, 2015 9:39 pm : CFR Community, News/Updates

Just some stuff happening at the gym. 

For those of you doing the Whole Life Challenge, week one raffle winner was Kim Glaser!! She had two entries which means she ate her +20go f protein every day. So not only does she win an hour of heaven with Mary Berh at Dr. Lukosus office but she also going to get great results over the next 8 weeks. Good high protein breakfast is a great habit to start for everyone! Thank you dr. Eric Lukosus at Illinois Spinal and Sports rehab for the donation!! For those of you that don’t know him or Dr. Chris, we work closely with them and they keep all of our athletes in tip top shape so they can stay in the gym. If you haven’t yet, schedule a maintenance visit BEFORE you feel banged up. A great investment in your health and longevity!!! Love these guys.    
Thanks to Blonyx for our prize for week two! Getting our sleep on. 7+ hours get you an entry into the drawing for some Hmb+creatine. Helped my squat go up big. Time.  This last cycle. :)

Check out Ria self defense seminar. Not until Novemener but mark your calendar!! Be prepared, it’s crazy out there. 

 Props time! Love this lady Stefanie   
She was barely able to squat without fear of throwing her back out so we started really slow and careful and now she’s flipping upside down doing handstands! Love Crossfit. Get out of your comfort zone!

 Allison mobbing while Bobbi front squats. 

Coach Robby working with class on Mobility between sets of front squats. CFR takes the extra time to make sure you getting that non sexy  work in that is going to give you health and longevity. Flexible ankles=good squats. 

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Sunday updates 

CK : September 13, 2015 9:57 am : CFR Community, News/Updates

 great time Friday night at 9/11 wod

Kim Dave and bob killed it and enjoyed some post workout refreshment. 

Kevo in full gear. 
 Bad bob getting his deadlift on in full swat gear during the hero heat. 

Manny killing the box jumps. 

Saturday morning mullet fun. 

Best costume-Matt and Holly 

Granite game updates. 

The girls been killing it!! Here some action shots as they get ready for 3rd and final day. They are having a blast. 

Panda posse in action


Beth putting in work

KK muscling up!!

Panda posse ready to get after it!

Repping booty by Robby looking good

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Back in business  [pics from the week]

CK : September 11, 2015 12:40 pm : CFR Community, News/Updates

Yeay!!! Jamo saves me and we finally back up and running with the website. I can post pics of my peeps and brag about your accomplishments! Check out heather jumping 24″ box during today’s wod making it look easy and Kate crushing some sumo deadlifts looking strong repping 185×5 easy. 

Also I’m going to post the weekend announcement again, I posted to FB but it never made it on website due to technical difficulties. 

Oh yeah Heather got her first strict pull-ups on Monday, follow me and Crossfit resurgence on Instagram to see video! @crossfit_resurgence (gym one) @resurgence_ck (gym and some personal ramblings)

Also got some awesome legless rope climb videos of the girls and a graduation pic of Lisa and Paul who finished up FGB on Tuesday!  

 they say you can judge a gym by how long the people hang out after the wod and we always joke that we have the best community cause yall spend about 3 hours at a time here. This pic was from Saturday at least an hour after the last class. I love our community! You guys are the best and make our lives truly amazing. Thanks for letting me and Jen be a part of your experience! 

 The girls hanging after the wod while the boys play games haha. #cfrfam #community #thisiswhatcrossfitisreallyabout

[whats going on this weekend]

Friday Saturday and Sunday all have stuff going on. Make sure you read all the way through so you don’t miss anything. 

Friday night- CFO is hosting 9/11 tribute wod for the 4th year in a row. CFR has always enjoyed participating and honoring those that gave their lives on that fateful day. We will be heading over for the kids heat at 530, BAD Bob is doing the 630 hero heat, and we have some others hitting it around 8 or so. Come cheer on your fellow CFR athletes and support a good cause. 

Saturday morning – 2 thing Saturday morning. #1 is the mullet wod! There has been a change of plans, due to low attendance, Fox Valley decided to cancel the event, so we decided to just invite everyone that registered over to CFR to run it. Bring your bad hair and your fanny pack. Best mullet wins a prize. If you are coming in costume, come to the 9am heat! We will run class at 7,8, and 9a with the same wod for everyone, but we want all Joe Dirt wannabes to come together at 9am instead of spreading out over the 3 classes. If you want to bring friends and family, this is perfect wod, as we made it low skill on purpose. Anyone can do it! It’s totally scalable so don’t be intimidated by the running, we will cut that down as needed. Come on out and get silly with us. 

Also Saturday Morning, our friend Bill from Vitargo is going to be out at the gym with the InBody doing body fat analysis starting at 7am. Cost is $10 for anyone not registered for WLC. All are welcome to get tested, even if not a CFR member. 

Last but not least Sunday night 5pm Man Up wod is back. Men, I have missed hanging with you guys over the last couple weeks. Can’t wait to get back into Gods word and hear pastor Geoff speak! Invite a friend, let’s blow this thing up. We will release the new schedule which will take us up to thanksgiving. One of the big Changes is we are hitting it back to back weeks then taking a break so 3/4 Sunday nights. The schedule is carefully crafted around bears schedule so don’t fret, we won’t miss any late or night games. Share this with any one you think might want to check it out! 

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